This part of the website does the following:

  1. It indicates the books that you can purchase on this site.
  2. It gives you information about each book including the price of the book and samples from the text.
  3. It explains how you can purchase the book online.
  4. It explains how Sinch will post the book to you.

Prices of Books

The prices quoted for books:

  1. Include Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST).
  2. Do not include postage.

Information About the Books

To enable you to decide if a book is relevant to your needs the website provides information about each book. This information is generally in three forms.

  1. There is a display of the cover. Click the cover to go to a new page that sets out the other two items.
  2. Table with Information About the Book. There is a table that provides information about the book. This tells you the title, the author, the price, the number of pages, the page size, the ISBN, the Dewey Number, the year of publication, the publisher and the address of the website.
  3. Downloads for a Preview. You can download three items for something of a preview – a description of the book, the Contents and the text of Chapter 1 as a sample.

Making the Purchase

There is a link that you can click if you wish to purchase a book: It is labelled: ‘Buy Online’.

This is how it works:

  1. Digital Print Australia (Digital Print) in Adelaide, South Australia is the seller of books that Sinch publishes.
  2. Prices given for books include GST, but postage is extra.
  3. Click the link. This takes you to the bookshop of Digital Print. It will take you to the section of the bookshop that sells law books.
  4. Follows the instruction there for purchasing books. Essentially you select one or more books, pay for the purchase and state your delivery address.

Receiving the Book

Digital Print runs a print on demand for Sinch’s books. So, when you order and pay for a book, Digital Print does the following:

  1. It prints a copy of each book that you have ordered.
  2. It packages this book.
  3. It posts the books to the address that you give it.
  4. Digital Print generally prints, packages and despatches a book within a few days or receiving the order.

Should you have any questions please contact us.